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Phone: 1300 656 200
Fax: 1300 656 200
Postal: PO Box 508, Erindale Centre ACT 2903

System Support

24 hour helpdesk for login assistance, system outages, token difficulties and related system issues.

This system support number is for use only by police service personnel and supporting agencies.

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Please provide further information to assist out IT Support team; your agency/service (Police, Ambulance, Support Agency - for Police please provide your station) and a brief description of of the IT issue you need support resolving.

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How we will manage your comments/complaint

Comments help to shape our services and we genuinely appreciate your time in contacting us. A complaint is an indicator of a broken expectation of our service to you and is taken seriously by us.

Any complaints regarding SupportLink services are will be directed immediately to the State Manager/Coordinator of the relevant jurisdiction. Once received, the State Manager/Coordinator will contact you within 24 hours and discuss issues related to the complaint and proposed plan of action.

The outcome and actions taken will be recorded. Additionally, they will be documented in the monthly review report submitted to the CEO.

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