Welcome to SupportLink

SupportLink provides a national referral and diversion gateway for police and other emergency services to participate in early intervention.

The role of SupportLink is to firstly:

  • Establish and support formal referral partnerships with government and non government agencies for police to refer to. Secondly to
  • Provide a single referral and diversion gateway for operational police. and thirdly to,
  • Monitor and support the referral process for clients, agencies and police officers.

Our aim is to see a reduction in crime, suicide, violence, substance abuse, family breakdown, juvenile offending and to establish improved support for victims of crime.

A significant amount of police work involves dealing with unmet social issues. Police are increasingly looking to external agencies to meet these social needs. However, the path to accessing Government funded agencies has traditionally been difficult to navigate for both police and clients. This difficulty is particularly notable for persons who are indigenous and people living in rural and remote communities.

The SupportLink framework now enables police to refer via a single referral gateway imbedded within their systems and gives local, state and nationally based support agencies the ability to proactively target vulnerable clients, in a seamless and proactive manner. Police can also refer across states, as SupportLink encompasses a national framework.

SupportLink can also provide a new level of reporting for partner agencies and funding bodies through remote reporting portals within the referral system.

SupportLink is not just an IT product; it is a fully managed referral framework that has been built for Police and social support services over a 15 year period.

It includes 24/7 live technical support, data storage within the Federal Government Gateway and highly trained social work teams who establish and support partner agencies and monitor all referral outcomes. We have a dedicated IT design and data management team, an in house legal service, quality assurance and project workers who combine to offer this uniquely tailored service.

SupportLink are now moving toward offering an Integrated Services Framework

What is the Integrated Services Framework?

The Integrated Services Framework (ISF) is a sector wide framework, which combines a common IT platform and holistic management services.

Why the need for an ISF?

  • Government and Non Government organisations are currently working in a landscape that is fragmented.
  • The social support sector lacks consistent tools to enable efficient client management and shared support of people with complex needs.
  • There is a lack of a consistent service system across the sector that can be relied upon.
  • Vulnerable persons often struggle to navigate and receive coordinated responses from the social support sector.
  • Service outcomes are often unclear.

Purpose of the ISF?

The purpose of the ISF is to assist the Government and NGO sector to better integrate service provision to target and support vulnerable and at risk persons.

Primary Strategy

  1. Provision of an IT web based platform that synergises work flows within and between government and non agencies.
  2. Provision of holistic management services that includes a central coordination unit to support activity and stakeholders within the framework.

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